Why People Work With Me

You need to make a life-altering decision and want a second opinion. Though you may have a gut feeling on the matter, you don’t quite trust yourself or what other people may have suggested you do and you feel stuck.

The sessions can help you to articulate your reasoning behind each choice and make sure you’re following your own gut instinct in order to move forward.

Sibrena, S-G.
There is a lot to say about Nicole. I met with Nicole to discuss my career change and the uncertainty that I have felt for a couple of years. Through counseling with her, I've discovered so many things that I never knew about myself! The revelation has been mind blowing! Thanks to her, I now know that I have the ability to read photographs. She has helped me get in tune with my psychic abilities and to OWN it and convinced me to utilize my talents to help others. Forever grateful to have known her. She is the ultimate therapist!!! I am still on my journey and will always have her close by.


Things that felt foggy can become crystal-clear when you hear them interpreted and explained from an outside perspective. If you usually have a hard time describing your thoughts and feelings, my insight can actually give a voice to the things that only you know.

You may deny it when your own inner voice tells you that it’s time to try something new, but you immediately accept the truth when you hear me validate things that you may not have even shared with me.

Ian S.
Brooklyn, NY
Nicole is a top-notch listener and can gauge just about everything you want to focus on and get rid of in your life, even based on what you DON’T say. She provides a comfortable environment, full attention, and a surprising level of understanding and kindness. What I actually found most valuable was her way of framing the personal obstacles I’ve struggled with in my work and everyday life. If you are struggling for direction in your professional life, Nicole is the person to consult. With quick perception and great experience in human relations, she can offer guidance, insight, and confidence in what you want to achieve.


You need career advice which most likely will overlap with life advice about projects or work-related plans to bypass roadblocks, minimize risks and structure an action plan.

You could use a reminder of your hidden talents, suggestions for transforming your flaws into assets, so that you can reclaim your ability to make things happen again.

Sheena G.
Brooklyn, New York
I met with Nicole almost 2 years ago, after being unemployed (by choice) for a few months. She gave me great insight on my career path, goals and potential challenges I may face and ways to proactively prevent issues. She also prepped me for my 2nd interview and I got the job! Her coaching style is not like anyone else's you will find and is a rare treasure in a time where anyone can read a few books, take a course and become a coach. Her approach is tailored to you and your issue and you will without a doubt be taken care of.


A Breath of Fresh Air
Having all the focus on you for the entirety of your session is worth the investment. With eye contact becoming a thing of the past, even just a few minutes of that gives your confidence a sense of renewal and your spirit a boost of energy.

The world is operating on a level that demands a time-out and any time spent during a session relieves you from looking at your phone to reconnect with what’s real.

Sikeea G.
If you are already here, scanning this website, don’t hesitate. Just sign up for an appointment. I was on the fence about working with a career coach, but I am so happy that I did. Nicole genuinely cares that her clients reach their goals, and it really seems to make her happy to come up with strategies to help clients. The way that she comes up with ideas right on the spot is amazing, it’s like watching a magician pulling rabbits out of the hat! This is a person who truly enjoys what she does for a living, and she wants to make sure that you do, too! She is warm, friendly, insightful, encouraging, as well as direct and laser-focused on getting to the heart of the matter. Nicole is a real-life Siri for career advice. Except with a lot more personality. So, sign up already!


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