Join the Get Unstuck NYC FB Clubhouse

We are all young professionals with great connections,jobs and points of view, who span a wide variety of industries.

As a Career Coach, I work with hundreds of entrepreneurs and nine to fivers who could really benefit from connecting with one another. Creating the Get Unstuck NYC Clubhouse was the best way I could think of to do just that.

The Get Unstuck NYC Clubhouse is a place to have your career dilemmas solved, while also helping others solve their own.

Here you can also:
•    Discuss career dilemmas
•    Bounce ideas
•    Find activity partners
•    Post resources
•    Share job postings
•    Collaborate on ideas
…And more!!

Networking is not only about who can help you, but who you can help.

Click here to sign up and I’ll see you in the clubhouse! 

Nicole Orisich

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