GUNYC is a small career + life coaching practice for young professionals. I meet with clients in person in the NYC area, and also long distance for those who cannot get to me for any reason.

My name is Nicole Hill Orisich and my style of coaching appeals to individuals who prefer to work with a coach on a session by session basis.

My door is wide open to professionals (of all ages) who are struggling with personal obstacles that are in the way of their professional growth. And as an ACE (American Council of Exercise) Certified Personal Trainer, I can help you with your fitness obstacles, too.


My focus is on helping individuals understand themselves better in order to strategize a career change, present themselves more accurately during interviews and to learn to approach their overall decision making process with confidence.

Conrad L.
Brooklyn, NY
Hi, Nicole- I just wanted to let you know - I had an amazing (and kind of exhausting) set of interviews, and just today accepted the job. I start as the marketing director in mid-August. It pays shockingly well and it's exactly what I wanted. I owe you a massive thank you. It's a priority for me to (justifiably) sing your praises on the internet everywhere I can. The advice and confidence you gave me were so valuable. Really life changing, if I think about it. After nearly two years of floundering, I met with you twice and got the next job I wanted. With a batting average like that, if you were a baseball player, you'd kick Babe Ruth's ass. Seriously, 99.9% of the things in my life that were getting me down just... disappeared. I am so grateful.


My intuitive approach and personal insight can help you untangle the challenges and tricky relationship issues that are interfering with your life. Together we can examine the choices and discover how to resolve those issues.

Giovanna K.
Hoboken, NJ
Nicole is organic with her coaching. There are no formulas nor scripts. She instantly connected with me. Before I knew it, I felt as if she knew me, as if she had been with me for my entire life. I have a strong belief in God and its impact on the Universe. Nicole did not know this about me. Her explanations and reasonings were clear and easy for me to follow. Her intuition is very sharp and clear. If I had to describe it to a friend, I’d say: Nicole was able to zero in on the matter within minutes and began interpreting what is going on with me. I felt like I was talking to the inner me. I saw the real me through Nicole. It was a pleasant, comforting and non-judging experience. Speaking with Nicole gave me permission to be my true self. Wow!


Three Things You Should Know

• My sessions are straight to the point, and will leave you with a clear sense of direction.

• I coach from a self-awareness orientation and a heightened intuitive sense, while also incorporating traditional assessment tools as needed.

• Unlike traditional coaching, I will make suggestions based on my insight to help the process along as best I can, offering practical advice that can be put to use the minute you leave the session.

My Philosophy:
I like to help my clients restore confidence in their ability to make their own choices.

I look forward to meeting you soon.


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